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by Dan Barrenechea

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All tracks are made between 2009 and 2012. Plenty are un-finished. Some are collaborations.

Pasmine, Basmism, & Jasmine (PB&J): Justin DeMichele & Dan Barrenechea

Ribbit is the Frog, Tanta Dulzura, & Krispier the Bone: All Music by Kyle D'Souza, Vox by Dan Barrenechea


released July 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Dan Barrenechea Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Oh Taryn!
*Oh Taryn!
Econ homework
Econ homework
Oh Taryn!

Taryn I wanna wish you a happy birthday, dear
I hope you have a fantastic time in Ireland
and Australia, dear


I'm back
I'm back Taryn
I'm back
I wanna wish you a beautiful study abroad trip, Taryn
Maybe we'll even see you there
Who knows?
All I know is that when you come back
We're gonna have a fuckin' BRUSCHI alright?
Haha, we're gonna drink the night away, Taryn
Drink the night away
Track Name: Bathing in the Pain
So so simple
I love everything you do
I love how you're not much better than Jane
I love standing in the rain with you
'cause everything you do comes to me

So so simple
I love everywhere you are
I love how you can put my name in vain
I love bathing in the pain with you
'cause everything you do is done to me


So so simple
I love everywhere you are
I love how you're not much better than Jane
I love bathing in the pain with you
'cause everything you do is done to me
Track Name: Slow Dance Timber Street (PB&J)
Suddenly I'm lost in the wind
I dig in
I dig in

Even on the fins of a car
I dig in
I dig in

Accumulate wisdom
But I'm afraid
What our bodies can do

*You pave the way for a new world
The problematic systemic
A new sphere

And even though I'd be living a lie
I'd be happy
Somedays bare
Always here
At night
Simply had
Lately grave
Feeling shame

Put spirit in your wisdom

Track Name: Through the Moon & Sun
*Hey happy birthday, bro
You're never non-committed
Hey happy birthday, bro
Hey how I've watched you grow
Through the Moon & Sun
Hey how I love you so

And at night
We found a louder light
Reaching out
Is never reaching in
We found a way through

Track Name: Please Feel Better (PB&J)
Figured I'd write you a song
But I know you're love can't be bought
I'm losing it, the whole 9 yards
You could say I've stopped growing from the start
But look honey, I wrote you this song
So you could feel better
Please feel better

Now who's got 2 thumbs
Born to make his baby cry
Feeling right?
This guy
What she care?
She gettin' high
Ring around the dutch
Get in touch with your alibi
Rome, bro when in Rome
When in Rome you don't care about your bunnies
Only carrots, and carrots
and 40 karat karat gold
You feel me, J?

When I'm in the woods I'm looking at the trees
When you're in the woods the trees are looking at you
Stepping through the woods you're looking at the trees
Step on the one, they're looking at you
When I'm on the Earth, I'm looking at the moon
When you're on the moon, you're looking at the mood
When on the Earth, you're gazing at the moon
When on the moon, you're looking at the mood

Ha ha ha ha ha
Then I see a little boy coming into town
When I see the town come peeping all around
Then I give a licky and a hicky to the moon
Dental dam has never been good enough for me
Then I see the tree come a laughing at you
When I see the boom boom lifting up a spoon
Ha ha ha ha ha
I'm laughing at you

Figured I'd write you a song

When I'm in the woods...

Now please feel better
Please feel better
Track Name: Ghost Tonight
When the light's become of you
Flight on
It's bound

Who said you were running too?
You're running this town

Smiled at a ghost tonight
Blew smoke at the moon

Your teachers won't care
the silence of the air
But I'm feeling life alright
Track Name: Slowly Disappear
What if we've reached an end
of what could come?
I'd rather pass away
Dive out my body at bay
Fade far away

Slowly disappear
Track Name: Dosey Dose
Dosey dose and I'm gone x2

Dosey dose and you're gone x2

Rochambeau and they go x4
Track Name: Living My Life and Died
Once upon a time I was living my life and I died

I sure don't know who shows

Said once upon a time I was living my life and I died

Golden sun
Golden ratio
Track Name: Tanta Dulzura
I don't ever want it
I don't ever want it til it's gone

We don't ever want it
We don't ever want it til it's gone

*I don't long for another
Feeling like this could become my everything
And don't repeat the word to your mother
Keeping a ten-bop note up my nose
I don't long for another

Tanta-nana Tanta-nana
How can such a villain make a grown man feelin' so naked?
Lemme push push the groove
Come come come come el azucar


Tanta-nana Tanta-nana
How can such a villain make a grown man feelin' so naked and wasted?
Lemme push push the groove
Come come come come el azucar

(Eat your sugar)
Drink your milk
Eat your sugar

Now I know where I'm found
Friends here show me around
No fear, all night to day
Said now I know where I'm bond
Friends here show me around
But go ahead, with whatever you said


(Higher, gettin' higher, don't you feel good?)
I don't ever want it
I don't ever want it til it's gone
Track Name: Welcome to the Rainbow (PB&J)
Welcome to the rainbow
Track Name: Samba Pa Ti (Santana Cover)
Track Name: TEAMBLUE (PB&J)
Somewhere in this contract I remember it saying that our lives were supposed to be a gift
Not a vehicle that people can ride on
Mass consumption is a product oozing out from a government potluck
Where do I sign?
Ha, I'm just kidding man

Track Name: Ribbit is the Frog
Ribbit is the frog and the rhythm of the lake
Coulda caught the fish coulda caught the bait
Rain come down chica bing bang boom
But don't forget I'm spooning with my cheetah going zooma zooma zoom

Cinnamon thin fish fin like a pin in a violin piling in a myelin sheath
Teeth beneath the motif of the thief what a bad belief

I'm barely breathing 'cause your snake got my neck with your indirect fleck

I get it

Though I'm blinded
And I can't move

We trudging hard and we trudging harder
Guillotine swing and a 5-2 Bomber
Sycamore, Gryffindor Parlor
Gonna get my prize like ya President Carter

Cat got your tongue and you're screaming out your lung
and you think that you're the one

Calling the wind
Beckoning the moon
Losing my voice
'Cause your snake is on me
Wrapped around

I get it

I'll move to get it
when the moment arise
and hounded
and wrapped


Ribbit is the frog..
Cinnamon thin...

I get it
Track Name: Krispier the Bone
A lunatic man named Stan
come and hop into a plane
he gonna be premeditating his game
yet nobody knows of his devilish Danish heinous hunger
yes, people I said hunger
hunger is what drives him
he's a zombie zombie Abercrombie model
how come nobody noticed his waddle?

Stan gonna eat them?
I'M gonna eat them

It goes like this
Miss, I'm gonna eat your eyes instead
I'm gonna catch you lying in bed

*Hanging by a thread I'm dead
Better insulate your head
I could live and die alone
Always crispier the bone

Like a zombie I will
Crispier the bone

I do remember there was a time
Deep in the winter, so full of life
Well I got bitten
And in the snow
There were the gates
I ...changed

It took me down

Track Name: Spinsor
Track Name: Ya Such An April Fool
Now lemme tell you somethin' that's been comin' round here
somethin' that muthafuckas do that grinds my gears
I know it's April 1st
that we just cursed
people at every corner tryin' to make your day worse
I'll funk em up baby
like you're tryin' to steal my lady, my baby
think I'm gonna lose my mind this time
bitch I'm gonna set it on fire
look at my tattoo, barbed wire

chill out
ya such an April Fool
losing your mind for nothing
now chill out
ya such a fuckin' tool
grow up
grow balls or something

bitch you don't tell me to fuckin' chill out
gonna make ya face look like sauerkraut
and I'ma fuckin' shoot the clerk
I'ma go berserk

(yo where's Justin where you need him man? where's Justin?)
Track Name: Aries
Track Name: Miss Whizzle
Miss Whizzle
ya got nothin'
Miss Whizzle got nothin'
Miss Whizzle!

Now we thumpin' right here yeah chump
With Paul Bunyan, Superman, Icky Thump
Sick of nobody steppin' up to the jump
yeah Miss Whizzle stickin' ice to the sun
Well I know yall fuckas ain't done
'Cause Batman and Johnny got a gun
X-Men got the X and I'll run
Know what I'm sayin?
I'm slayin'
ain't done